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Since October 30th 6986 BC the Fegels, led by Hermann Fegelein have fought the Dolfies, led by Adolf Hitler which has led to 17 million Fegel casualties at the hands of the Dolfies, and an unknown number of Dolfy casualties. The war remains at large to this day, and is rumoured to have been caused by Adolf forgetting Hermann's birthday cake.

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In 1918, shortly after the end of the First World War ended, Adolf built his own time machine so he could watch himself during the war, but he didn't notice a twelve year old boy named Hermann Fegelein enter the time machine. Adolf didn't account for an extra person, so they found themselves in the year 7000 BC. Adolf told Hermann that he was furious, but accidentally said 'Führerous' earning him the nickname of Führer. Adolf and Hermann started building a home, called the Führerbunker and made friends with a group of locals, so they decided to form a group called the 'Nazis' and built a school called a 'concentration camp' to help learn about eachother and it was called 'Auschwitz'. On 30th October 6986, Hermann's 26th birthday, everyone sat around a table waiting for Adolf to bring a cake. Meanwhile, Adolf had never bought a birthday cake for someone before, so he searched a place called 'Patels' for a cake, but he forgot about it when he found out that if you buy two oranges, you get a half price bottle of fairy liquid! When Adolf returned to the Führerbunker without a cake, it annoyed Hermann very much, even when he found out about the fairy liquid, and a friend of their's known as Otto Günsche informed Adolf that Hermann wanted a war to get revenge on the Führer.

New research shows that Adolf and Hermann got high in 1918 so they could have imagined everything that happened. The official start date remains as 30th October 6986 because there is strong evidence for it.

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Adolf doing the Harlem Shake

Adolf doing his new dance, 'The Harlem Shake'

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